Emui 10 features list

Compatible with your Android or Apple phone regardless of the brand. You don't need Wi-Fi or data stream, just scan the QR code or connect a local hotspot of the new phone. Safely store your photos, videos, contacts, notes, and other important information. Download and stream your favorite songs. Play them offline. You can enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere. Just say "Hey Celia" or hold the power button for one second to launch. Celia will be ready to help, answer your questions, and help you get things done hands-free.

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emui 10 features list

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Select Language. Find Service Center. Features Tips. EMUI Now, you can optimize multi-screen collaboration to further improve your productivity, interact in new ways with your surrounding devices, and connect all your devices together with an exciting new ecosystem. Bring more productivity and excitement to your everyday life. High-quality Communication Wherever, Whenever. MeeTime connects you with your family and friends at anytime and anywhere with high quality video calls, even in low-light or poor network conditions.

Have Fun Together with Screen Sharing. Add more fun to your MeeTime conversations by instantly sharing your phone screen with each other. When hesitating over an online purchase, consult with your friend over real-time screen sharing, or guide your parents to use their phones with MeeTime so they can follow you every step of the way.

Real Time Sharing with the Action Camera. MeeTime can use the action camera 2 so your family and friends can enjoy the immersive view as if they were there with you. Smarter Video Conferencing with Everyone in View.

Fisheye conferencing camera system 3 leverages the video call capability offered by MeeTime to make everyone in the same room visible during a video conference. Mobile Office.EMUI Excited to know what the EMUI Then, here we have the EMUI The above is the list of EMUI To give a fair idea about each and every new feature, here below we have discussed the same in detail.

MeeTime alone brings a total of four new features. This helps the user to get in touch with their loved ones whenever there are very far from them. High-quality communication: MeeTime connects you with your family and friends at any time and anywhere with high-quality video calls, even in low-light or poor network conditions.

Screen-Sharing: One can instantly share the mobile screen with their friends or relatives with the help of MeeTime Screen-Sharing feature. This way, whenever hesitating over an online purchase, simply call your friend on MeeTime and consult over real-time screen sharing. One can also guide their parents on how to use any feature of a smartphone via the realtime screen sharing. Real-Time Sharing with the Action Camera: MeeTime lets you connect your Action Camera with your Huawei smartphone and thereby shares the real-time immersive view with your family.

This gives the feeling that they are with you. Smarter Video Conference: Fisheye conferencing camera system3 leverages the video call capability offered by MeeTime to make everyone in the same room visible during a video conference.

All the mobile functions can be controlled through the PC applications. Video Call, Hands-Free: One can attend a video call directly from their PC without actually picking up the smartphone. Need to be heard in a large room? Activate the Sound Booster so your sound can be amplified by a Bluetooth speaker. You can also wear Bluetooth earbuds to make the conversation crystal clear, even with a noisy background.

To take on Google Assistant, Huawei launched its own voice assistant called Celia. Celia will start helping with all your tasks hands-free. Slide-in from either side of the screen and stay to access the app dock.

Drag an app out to activate a multi-window.

emui 10 features list

You can drag and drop images, text or even files across multi-windows. Swipe up from the lower left or right corner to access the Multi-Device Control Panel.

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From here, you can easily connect the nearby devices and smart home appliances. Here the system response time is reduced by EMUI 10 is the latest operating system that is built upon Android It has many new and cool features to offer to its users.

Its time and space efficiency is better than its predecessor. Which means that it runs smoothly on the devices.

With time, it will be released for the previous Huawei devices as well but only to a certain limit. If you have used Android 10 on some other smartphone before like Pixel. You will notice a lot of resemblances. Huawei has completely revamped the quick setting menu which can be dragged from the top of the screen. The new operating system has adapted a minimalistic approach in icons and styling of the menus. A new mode that has recently achieved a lot of fame in all smartphone markets is the Dark mode.

The dark mode induces a dark theme all over the system that turns on only the pixels where an icon or text is. All other pixels are turned off. It saves battery and it is also stressfree for the eyes if you use your phone for a long and constant period of time.

emui 10 features list

The new software emphasizes the integration of all your electronic devices, such as your laptop or smartwatch. It allows you to be consistent in all your apps on each platform.

Huawei EMUI 10 Officially Launched - Best new features \u0026 updates

Once you connect your phone with your laptop, it shows a virtual phone on your laptop screen. You can share the files between your laptop and phone just by dragging and dropping between the two screens. You can also use it along with your car audio and video system.

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According to our current research and information. There is a number of devices that are running the beta version of EMUI 10 and the developers and general Huawei community are working to solve all the issues and bugs in the beta version.

So they come up with a flawless software for all the users once it is officially released. This is not the official list but compiled considering the information and research over the internet. Also, the patterns of the beta and alpha release of EMUI 10 for these phones suggest the above-mentioned dates for the official release of the software.

Considering the issues that are being reported to the developers by the beta testers. It seems like it is going to take some time to release a stable version for all the devices.

We are happy to add information about the Huawei phones that we have missed. You can reach out to us using the comments if you have release information about some other smartphones that we have missed. We will keep this list updated with the new information about the smartphones as soon as we get it. If you have any questions or queries.Now, the company has announced the update timeline for a bunch of its devices.

In case, you are wondering what new changes EMUI 10 is bringing this year then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have summarized the 6 best EMUI 10 features that you should know before updating your smartphone. We have also mentioned some stand-out features of EMUI Now having said that, here we begin. However, the subtle changes in the UI, animation and app transition make it quite distinct and frankly, a joy to use. Right out of the box, EMUI 10 is following the principles of how a magazine is laid out— increased spacing with larger headlines, easier navigation, larger icons, and smooth transition as if you are paging through a magazine.

To break it down, with EMUI 10, you will have far better readability, accessibility, and navigation across the system.

Other than that, EMUI 10 is bringing a new color palette across the system. You will see these subtle changes in icons, system apps, and UI elements. The Android skin feels much more refined, cohesive, and the settings page is properly categorized with essential menus on top.

EMUI 10 Update for Huawei/Honor: Release Date, Features, Eligible Devices

You will definitely love this update when it will arrive next month. While Android 10 is itself equipped with dark mode, Huawei has taken it a notch further and refined it for comfortable viewing. The dark mode feature on EMUI 10 not only switches the UI color to black but also adjusts the contrast under variable light conditions.

It helps in reducing strain significantly in all situations so you will have a much better time using your phone. In addition, dark mode on EMUI 10 affects the UI system-wide so all the system apps, settings, notification panel go dark with just one tap. While the Settings page and system apps have truly black tones which also help in saving battery, the quick settings panel uses a dark tone.

It may be an issue for some. And rightly so, we wish EMUI 10 had adopted a true black dark mode across the system. Nevertheless, dark mode on EMUI 10 is quite good and you are definitely going to dig it. Updated Camera Interface While Huawei produces some of the best camera phones, many have complained that its camera interface is not intuitive and cramped with several features.Starting with the design, the app icons have been refreshed with EMUI 10 — they are now rounder and more animated.

The new dark mode will also be able to extend to third-party apps which are a welcome addition for those who prefer darker menus. There are more clock and calendar styles as well as additional Always on Display options. EMUI 10 will reach several Huawei and Honor smartphones, including the upcoming flagship Huawei Mate 30 that will be announced in the coming months. There are currently 26 devices in the list, more devices are expected to confirm in the coming weeks.

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The list reads:. The company will start rolling out the EMUI 10 beta update to Huawei P30 series on September 8 th and soon after the Mate 20 series smartphones will be made available for the update.

The Magic UI 3. Huawei still has to announce the EMUI 10 beta rollout for the global market and the stable release roadmap too. App icons: EMUI 10 brings a big revolution to app icons — they are now rounder ad more animated. The new dark mode will also be able to extend to third party apps which are a welcome addition for those who prefer darker menus.

emui 10 features list

This feature reduces strain on your eyes while operating the device in lowlight conditions and saves battery. Magazine Design: Incorporates a magazine-style layout, for a more comfortable and authentic reading experience.

Morandi Color: Understated gray tones make for a gentler and more comfortable display. According to the company, HiCar is supported by over 30 automobiles makes and it can work with over car models right now.

Users can also request the update via HiCare app. So, make sure to download the update via Wi-Fi to save mobile data.Pocket-lint - Huawei's latest software update is called EMUI 10 and it's been rolling out gradually to customers for the past several months - for a full list of compatible devices check out the bottom of this article. The Huawei-Google relationship has been a major challenge since because of the US trade ban on Huawei. For devices that launched after May like the Mate 30 and P40 seriesyou don't get a full Google Play experience.

That means you're relying on the Huawei App Gallery in order get your apps and games, and you'll be missing some core Android default apps. This will be true of any new Huawei or Honor device going forward until the situation between the US, China and Huawei is resolved and the trade ban is lifted. This version is the biggest visual overhaul to EMUI for a few years. With that said, it's still very clearly Android. In fact, it looks more like pure Android than it ever has before.

Despite that, there's no way you'd confuse it with the vanilla Android experience you'd find on the Pixel or Android One phone. It retains its own sense of style. There's isn't an identical Android skin out there, but the most similar one from recent memory is the OneUI skin that Samsung uses on its most recent smartphones. There's also a full, system-wide dark mode. EMUI EMUI 10 has been visually designed, from the ground up, to take its influence from the principles of magazine design.

What that means, is there appears to be a clear hierarchy of headlines, lists and content. In reality that means a lot more blank space.

Like Magazines, the titles are big and bold, taking up a good portion at the top of the screen.

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That's true whether you're in the Settings app, Calendar, Contacts or any other pre-installed Huawei app. They all have a clean, well-spaced look that's uniform and all tie in together nicely. It feels less cramped than before. This same approach is also applied to the drop-down menu which loads on top of any screen you're on. The quick settings tiles have been completely redesigned, turning them into a more stock-like grid of solid circle icons, similar to what you'd find on the Pixel.

However, taking inspiration from the Magazine theme again, when you drag the quick settings all the way down, you the time and date taking up the top half acting as that headline, with the toggles and controls at the bottom, within easy reach of a thumb. The minimalist approach extends into the Settings menu, where Huawei has drastically reduced the number of main settings options. Similarly, if you open a contact card, you'll now get a subtle pastel coloured card at the top.

Huawei took inspiration from Italian artist, Giorgio Morandi, who was well known for using quite muted colours in his still life paintings. We can certainly see the resemblance. If you've taken a lot of photos using Huawei's flagship Leica engineered cameras, you'll no doubt have come across the skeuomorphic look of the camera app, complete with its fake leather-textured panel at the bottom.

That's now gone, replaced by a much cleaner black and white minimalist UI. It'sso naturally any new software has to come with the option for toggling on a system-wide dark theme.

Like the new magazine-style spacing UX design, it permeates through all of the stock pre-installed Huawei apps once it's been activated. Any backgrounds go completely black, essentially switching off all of those individual pixels to conserve battery, while the headlines and titles go a light shade of grey in order to contrast and be clearly legible, but without going too bright and being uncomfortable to look at.

The aforementioned Morandi-inspired pastel colours go a much darker shade. So instead of greens, pinks and oranges, you get darker shades of grey and brown with hints of blue, orange and green. Apart from looking cool Dark Mode has actual benefits, like helping your eyes relax and helping reduce your time staring at bright white screens with lots of blue light.

As already mentioned, it also helps conserve phone battery. So it's a win-win. Another element Huawei was keen to point out was the new fluidity and natural movement of its animations.Huawei Emotion UI has useful gestures such as a screenshot, scroll without touching the screen.

After Hand iCon appears at the top of the screen, move your hand downwards to begin scrolling. After Hand iCon appears at the top of the screen, move your hand upwards to begin scrolling.

Then close your fist to capture a screenshot. Back: Swipe inward from the left or right edge to return to the previous screen.

EMUI 10.1 Features | List of Supported Devices & Phones

Back to the home screen: Swipe up from the bottom to go to the home screen. View recent tasks: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold to view recent tasks. Close an app: On the recent tasks screen, swipe up on an app preview to close the app. Take a screenshot: Knock twice on the screen with a knuckle to take a screenshot.

Capture part of the screen: Knock and draw an enclosed area with a knuckle to capture part of the screen.

List of EMUI 10 Android 10 update supported devices

Record screen: Knock twice on the screen with two knuckles to start or end a screen recording. Split screen: Firmly draw a line across the screen with a knuckle to enter split-screen mode. Split the screen: Swipe up on the screen with three fingers. Access Home screen editing mode: Pinch two fingers together on the home screen. Display the shortcut panel on the lock screen: Swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen. Display the search bar: Swipe down on the home screen.

Check more tips and tricks here. Huawei Update. Recommended for you. Huawei MatePad Most Popular.

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